Privacy Policy

What information will we use?

By participating in the Groove Box LTD programme, we will collect and use information about you and any additional persons on your registration form. This information includes your registration details, personal and medical information, contact details and payment data. The information you provide when you register with Groove Box LTD is necessary so that you can enter into a contract with us to enable your child/children to participate in the dance programme. If you do not provide this information you will not be able to participate. 

How will your information be used?

Groove Box LTD  ,and other companies/organisations that we work with or partner with from time to time, may use your information to:

  • Contact you for promotional and advertisement purposes. 
  • Contact you using your personal data in an emergency or for urgent circumstances.
  • Inform you of important club information such as costs, dates, rules and regulations and news/offers.
  • Access how effective our marketing activities and communicative skills are.

One of the benefits of being part of the Groove Box LTD  programme is that we can keep you up to date with offers or adverts that are relevant to you. We may also show you offers or adverts when you visit our website. If we feel it necessary, your data may be shared with staff members and other organisations that we are partnered with. This is essential when/if your child is left in our care, for us to be able ensure a safe and structured care system. Your data will not be used outside of the Groove Box LTD  programme

When we can use your information

  • Where our use of your information is necessary for us to perform our duty of care in the contract we have with you. These contracts include our disclaimer form, terms and conditions, and any other agreements which we enter in with you.
  • Where our use of your information is for purposes of our legitimate interests or the legitimate interests of staff or companies participating in the Groove Box LTD  programme and we have made sure that your information, and your rights in relation to that information, are protected. For example, we may rely on this legal basis if we and/or the companies participating in the programme use your information to improve our (or their) products or services, to send or show you information, offers and online advertisements for these products or services, or to ensure that the programme and its related services are delivered and used in accordance with the law and terms and conditions that apply to them, including the Collector Rules:
  • Where we believe it is necessary to use your information to comply with a legal obligation to which we are subject, and where we have your consent. We will rely on your consent to:
  1. Allow your child to leave his/her Groove Box LTD sessions without being signed for by his/her parent or guardian after class.
  2. Use images or footage of your children for promotional needs, on our website or on other social media sites and platforms.
  3. Hold relevant medication for your child/children, and to administer any relevant medication to them
  4. Allow your child to join and leave the programme.

Where we rely on your consent to use your information, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time. Please see the ‘Your choices and rights’ section of this policy for more details.

The period for which we will keep your information

We will keep your information for as long as it is necessary for us to fulfil our purposes that we describe in this policy. As a general rule, however, we will keep:

  • The information you provide when you register with the programme, together with any updates you make to that information, for the duration of your membership with the programme. We retrieve this information from the disclaimer forms, and/or any other forms required from you upon registration or booking events such as parties, holiday camps etc.
  • The information that we collect about you for the duration of your membership with the programme, or in some cases less time, based on the reason for holding such information and whether such information remains current. For example, payment data, or data such as email addresses, contact numbers, home addresses and medical information. 

If you do not use the programme for a period of 12 months we may, in accordance with the Collector rules, deem you to be inactive and suspend or close your account with Groove Box LTD. Following which we will ensure your personal data is no longer retained.

Who will we share your data with?

We may share your information within Busta Groove staff members and other partnered companies. We may also share your information with our professional advisors, any law enforcement, court, regulator, government authority or other third party, where we believe this is necessary to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation, or otherwise to protect our rights or the rights of any third party. We promise we will never share your details with anyone else.

Your choices and rights

You have a number of rights in relation to your information and can make a number of choices about how we collect and use it. For example, you can decide not to receive marketing material from us, tell us how you want to receive offers and news form us, and object to some of the ways we use our information. You can contact us via email or by phone to inform us of any changes you may need to make to your personal data that we hold of you or to opt out of any marketing communications from us. You can contact us using the details below:

If you are concerned about how your information is used, please contact us. We protect your data, our business depends on it.