Busta Groove parties

What to our parties involve? 

  • Welcome the party guests
  • Sing Happy Birthday
  • Birthday Games
  • Fun Warmup
  • Dance routine – to a song of your choice.
  • Birthday Conga with party cannon!
  • ALL DANCED OUT! Worked up an appetite, make sure to get the food ready!
    * This party is 1 hour long. Please see below for prices.
    * For more FUN why not add our disco?

Fancy a Disco? Add 30 mins to your party!

Now you have chosen your party why not add a DISCO?
This gives the children a chance to BUST A MOVE!

  • lights provided
    * 30 mins – please see below for  prices

What's Included At Our Parties?

Busta Groove does not provide food or the hiring of a hall/venue.

We provide the party games, dances, laughs and fun!

Disco lights and music are provided.

Book a Birthday Party with Busta Groove!


Dance party
Up to 15 children  – £100
16 or more -£140

Extra Disco 
Disco £50